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Targeting potential customers searching within your local area.

Local Search engine optimisation for Small Businesses

Local SEO is a huge part of Search Engine Optimisation aswell as being the most cost effective form of SEO and Google Local Map Pack being in Position Zero (Position Zero, because it’s above the first search result) on Search results pages its really a no brainier for small businesses to gain visibility at a lower more localised cost.

We target keywords and phrases related with Local SEO to your business, highlighting your company within Google and other business listings which is prominent to your potential customers.

Our Local and Small Business SEO Packages

Plans using Local SEO are usually a cheaper alternative for small businesses wanting to be found in search engines for keywords/phrases surrounding their local area; i.e “Roof Repairs Howick“, “Plumber Durban“, “Car Mechanic Pietermaritzburg“. These keywords focus on bringing local customers to your website rather than a national or international audience.



Local SEO is search engine optimisation that optimises your website on-page and off-page, so it appears in search results that appear for local searches and searches online that relate to specific areas. Businesses utilise local SEO when they operate in certain areas so that local customers can be made aware of their presence. If you are a builder who provides services in Durban, then you will want to target keywords like ‘builders in Durban’, not just the keyword ‘builders’ which would only be useful if you were operating a nationwide plumbing service as it’s not area-specific. 

One of the easiest ways to establish your business locally online would be to claim and optimise a Google maps listing which appears at the top of local Google (and other search engines) results pages. To set this up, you will need to get yourself a Google My Business listing. Over 50% of businesses have not claimed their google my business listing. There is much more that can be done to optimise a site to gain a local presence; however, a maps listing with sites like google, bing and yahoo to name but a few should be the place to start your local SEO journey. A professional SEO company like Silver Linings Technologies can do the rest and can also get your map listings set up and optimised on your behalf.

Local SEO allows companies to market their goods and services to local consumers. It’s also allows companies to collect data for local search. Search engines depend on local indicators such as locally related content, local news stories, social media accounts, local connections, locally placed backlinks and map citations to provide the person searching with the most relevant local results. Silver Linings Technologies can assist you, taking the stress out of your local SEO and rankings. 

As well as optimising your website with better title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and on-site content we will work on your off-site local SEO which includes optimising your Google My Business, improving your backlinks, ensuring your name, address and phone number are correct and consistent online, creating and engaging on social media pages and much more! 

This is a question that most people want to know, it usually depends on your business , how competitive your industry is, how many similar businesses already rank well locally online in your target areas and if your website and how old your domain is. 

If you already have a website and some local web presence then it will be much easier and quicker to get you ranking, we’ll probably just need to make a few changes, content addition and edits, once these are done you will be ranking in no time. If you have a new website or you have just had it built and put online then we’ll need to do a lot more work, results may be slower at the beginning however will soon pick up once google starts picking up the new online data and correlating it to your site. If you are in a more competitive industry and the number of similar businesses in the local area is high, then it will take a lot more work to get you above them, but the good news is that we can check what they have done to get where they are, replicate it and then add to it in volumes to push you ahead of the rest! 

If your budget allows, SEO is an investment that you should start sooner rather than later. If you keep putting it off, you’ll never get to where you and to be to get to the top of those local search results will get longer and longer. If you have a small company you should know that local SEO is very important, while other people in your local area are getting more and more sales each day, you’re not there to grab any of those sales! If it’s too much for you to handle the local SEO yourself, then it’s best to hire an agency like Silver Linings Technologies to do it all for you, we’ll work on your budget and discuss what we can do.

The answer to the question, is local SEO worth it? Is YES, If done properly, it’s an invaluable asset that you and your company would be investing in for now and for the future of your company. 

What our Local SEO Durban services include

Let us manage your Search Engine Optimisation and local Listings, while you focus on your business

Businesses sometimes focus on the wrong places and keywords they wish to rank for not knowing that its extremely non-competitive and will bring them very little visitors. We audit and find keywords that attract the most visitors or visitors that are most likely to convert into a high quality visitors such as a sale or enquiry.

Adding your business to Google, Bing, Yahoo are often somewhere which is under optimised, we optimise all of your listings giving potential customers as much info as possible to find your business or service.

Local Business Listings are a vital to any Local business, there are some large respected listing sites which Google looks at for validation that a business is real, it only takes some of your information across a couple of these sites to be incorrect or mismatch for your business to suffer locally as a result.

We provide in-depth monthly reports, outlining ranking differences, fluctuations and a brief overview of what we will be doing for the coming months. 

We will set up Google Analytics for visitor tracking which shows you how many visitors you received, where they came from and how many of them converted to a specific action on your site such as filling out a contact form. This is essential for establishing a ROI and we use this as part of our monthly reports. If on-page SEO is also included in your package we give options for heatmap and real time visitor tracking.

More often than not a customers websites are not built properly to achieve the best results, we make recommendations and carry out technical SEO audits to give every website the best chances of gaining local customers. Sometimes this may include a complete redesign or various redevelopment to reach your goals.

SEO consulting is part of our package, Our goal is to make your business successful locally so we may make recommendations which you can choose to act upon or leave. As well as SEO we have years of experience in web design and development. We aim to help you make more from your business online.


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