How to Get Local SEO Citations Indexed By Google Fast! (2020)


You  have worked hard to get the foundation work for your local SEO clients right.

This includes creating local business citations on a number of highly relevant or high-quality business listing sites.

Maybe you pay a citation building company to do this tedious but important work.

Perhaps you simply grab the top main citation sites and a few industry-specific sites and call it a day. What now?

The listing is done and it looks great!

NAP all in the correct order!! (Name. Address. Phone number. Website), you think you are set and you wait for the results. If you anything like us you check Google every few days to see if they have been indexed, NOTHING, so you leave it for another few days and still NOTHING, Google hasnt indexed your new business listings, and the search results come back with NOTHING. By now you feeling extremely frustrated as all that hard work you put in has gone to waste. 

Silver Linings Technologies tested 2 different ways to see if this would help index the citations and came out with some good results.

TEST 1 – Creating a Page on your website

Grab a list of all you citations you want indexed, for us we put them all into a spreadsheet and save it. We then went to check which citations were indexed and which were not, we used a tool for used for indexing checking called Bulk index Checker. All of the citations put in were not indexed and some had high DA and PA, so these would definitely carry some weight with helping our SEO rankings.

First of all we created a page on our website called Place to view us on the web, we then went and listed all the citations on the page ( click here to view ). We then created a link on our footed to this page. ( It was this simple ). 


Now that you have finished the setup of your webpage, you will need to index the page. Go over to Google Search Console and submit the page for indexing.

Over the next few weeks we kept checking the citations to see if they had been indexed and after a few weeks we started seeing more and more results, it was working!! 

Although it took some time we noticed it definitely help with Local SEO results aswell and Technical SEO

Lets show you some results :

Our main focus areas are : 

SEO Pietermaritzburg, so we did a Google search for SEO Pietermaritzburg and these were the results : 

Local SEO Pietermaritzburg  – Now Position 2 on Google My Business.

For the Organic SEO results we also searchedd for SEO Pietermaritzburg and again came up at number 2.

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