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Do you want to grow your Pietermaritzburg business with high-quality and organic traffic that converts?

Would you like to rank at the top of Google – for the long-term? Would you like to increase your brand awareness and your sales – significantly? You can achieve all of this with our results driven SEO Pietermaritzburg Services because our proven and powerful SEO formula makes it easy!

SEO ( Search engine optimisation ) is a term for a wide range of tasks that are performed with the sole purpose of giving your website more visibility in search engines such as Google also allowing visitors to find your product or service and delivery long term tangible results. SEO Pietermaritzburg | SEO Services Pietermaritzburg.

Local 3 Pack Results
SEO Pietermaritzburg | SEO Services Pietermaritzburg

Be discovered by people who are already in search
and need of your products and services.

Not being on the first page of a searchers results and you are missing out on potential business. A massive 75% of users click on first page search results. We help small businesses get first page organic results for preferred local, national and international search terms.

We highlight our research and targetting of the “right” phrases that have the potential to make our customers the best ROI for their budgets.
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How our SEO Service can Help position you among the TOP brands in your Niche

Here is what we do :

SEO Audit
We initially conduct a technical, in-depth and highly comprehensive audit of your website, including website analytics and keyword rankings. We do not like to rush this process – and we’ll show you how your competitors are performing when it comes to organic search.

Google Analytics and Search Console
Our SEO experts will then be tasked unlocking insights from various analytics systems, including Google Analytics. When we have visitor data and an idea of the rankings needed to make your campaign a raving success we can start to draw up marketing KPIs so that we can give you frequent progress reports. In short – we’ll help you see what’s achievable, and when you can expect to see results.

Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis
We take it to the next level by unearthing your competitors’ top-ranking keywords and hone in on the best possible search queries to target your most likely customers. This is the most surprising bit for many clients and this can easily spin off new campaign ideas for you across other channels! We can report back to your whole marketing team, or even include key stakeholders in sales or management.

On-page SEO
We’re then ready to go and by now, our team of seasoned SEO specialists will artfully optimise on-page factors including including image, code, meta-data ad load speed optimisation to start to get the basics in place for a brilliant website. Your on-page signals are a deciding factor when it comes to leaving your competition in the dust so we’re going to go after these quick wins first!

Content Creation + Optimisation
The success of your SEO campaign hinges on developing highly relevant and engaging content which your visitors find useful. We live in a content saturated World so you need to stand out. That’s where we help. We work with elite web content writers who will thoroughly research your industry to become unmatched experts in your niche. Using unique insights from keyword and analytical research on what people want to know, the team can then write content that is geared toward actual people, not only to boost search engine rankings. This is always the best long-term strategy!

When it comes to good link-building, we focus on high-quality AND high-relevancy links from niche websites in your location, devised to position your website as a high authority voice that visitors can bank on. We incorporate both traditional business directories and competitor link-building to more well-known methods such as digital PR building and outreach. All in all, you are looking at a website that is considered a top authority in its respective niche.

Google My Business
Google My Business is a necessary part of the equation because it helps with local SEO success. Our digital marketing experts will create the most ideal and optimised Google My Business listing for you. Your listing will have everything from name-address-phone data to any and all relevant information on the business.

Penalty Remedial Service
Either through intentional or unintentional actions, your website can get penalised by Google. Unfortunately, you may not even know until you start seeing your visitor count and website ranking sinking uncontrollably. Perhaps your previous SEO efforts might have done more harm than good. We can help by removing both manual and algorithmic penalties imposed by Google, which might include removal of low-quality content, duplicate content or even toxic backlinks.

SEO is all about focusing on doing what truly works in the long run. Dont tempted to go for a “quick fix” through cheap SEO offering you a number one position in Google! We use proven methods which have stood the test of time will have a real-world, positive impact on your business’s profitability and survival.

We believe we are the SEO services agency in Pietermaritzburg you can really trust. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you get real results from your SEO.

Our Approach

Our Search Engine Optimisation is a rounded combination of proven techniques based on previous experience, past performances and current niche data/trends. By understanding your business it is key to develop an effective SEO strategy. We invest a large amount of time taking on board what your business is about and how it needs to be approached.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to an SEO strategy because we also work ethically in accordance to the Google webmaster guidelines.



We audit your website using our most effective tools and make technical SEO adjustments & recommendations where needed.​
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With every SEO project there are quick wins with content re-writes, internal and external linking, page speed recommendations, mobile friendliness and more.
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Content is vital to any well rounded marketing plan, the most important factor of SEO is getting your content and brand and turning it into an authority in it's own right. Techniques are required is order to achieve this, building high quality backlinks is one of the factors used.
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SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is a method used by website owners to boost their websites search engine ranking in the hope of getting themselves to the top spot on sites such as google, yahoo and bing when a potential customer searches for their keywords. SEO involves making specific changes to your website and its content. It can involve off-site link building, blog posts, reputation management and anything else possible to make sure the site ranks for it’s most relevant keywords and phrases. With SEO, you can attract visitors from your targeted areas. Good SEO ensures you attract the right visitors to your site who are 100% interested in what you have to offer. As soon as the right people start finding and clicking on your site through search engine result pages, you should begin to see more sales/conversions on your website. For quality SEO, your website should be listed in the organic listings of search result pages, organic positioning and traffic is free, and you don’t have to pay for it, unlike PPC.

If you have ever wondered if SEO works the answer is: if done correctly, it does indeed work! Different things that can impact your SEO results. Google will never expose their exact algorithms that are used to determine how they rank sites on its search engine, but we have a good idea. Here are some of the factors they consider and how to implement them:

Content Marketing – Adding quality and relatable content to your website in the form of new pages, blog posts,  videos, infographics and other visual content to your site can increase its online exposure significantly. Content Marketing should 100% be part of your SEO strategy.

On-Page SEO – On page SEO reflects the SEO actions that can be implemented on your actual website. These aspects go far deeper than content marketing and often include adding and editing code. A few aspects of on page seo that you can get stuck in to, to improve your SEO include changing or improving meta descriptions, page titles, image tags, sub headings, internal links, geo-tagging and more.

Off-Page SEO – as well as doing your on-site SEO, you must also put some effort into your off-page SEO. Off-page SEO also combines content marketing. It can’t always be controlled as individuals and influencers around the world can also share things about your website on social media platforms and their own websites or videos. Still, you could set up and manage some social media pages on sites like Facebook and Twitter. You could also consider investing in some online press releases or guest blogging on other peoples websites.

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO Techniques – Two different approaches can be taken to reach your search engine goals however black hat is the least preferred option as it only provides short term solutions that rarely last and are often less effective. White hat SEO is the preferred option as although more effort has to be put in, the outcomes far outweigh those of black hat SEO strategies and are more effective long term. White hat includes building quality content and a great online reputation as professionals in your field, black hat SEO often relates to buying thousands of cheap links which soon disappear and can get your website marked as spam!

SEO is essential for all website owners. If a business wants to get noticed online, get customers through their website from people locally or far and wide, then one of the most significant ways to achieve this is to invest in SEO services.

Ranking on the first page of major search engines like google and high up in the list can instil trust in the customer that they are making the right decision choosing your company. SEO companies also work on the appearance of your site, making it easier to convert site traffic from plain old visitors to paying customers.

SEO services are crucial because not all SEO practices are easily carried out, especially by individuals who have no experience. SEO strategies can be complicated, and the route to the top is not always as clear cut as one might expect.

You’ll need a lot of content, link building, and geographically targeted marketing services to help with your SEO. For these reasons, it’s always best to get SEO services from a professional company with tons of experience like Silver Linings Technologies.

How our SEO Pietermaritzburg Services can help!

Ongoing Monitoring & Optimisation with our Expert Analysis and Monthly Reports.


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