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We provide high quality SEO strategies that will make your business shine. We increase your websites visibility to get your business in front of the audience it deserves. Silver Linings Technologies are a reputed SEO company in Durban that help you to improve the ranking of your website in search results.

We can help you generate more business from your website using our proven strategy. We are committed to delivering the most effective result from organic search be it Local SEO or National SEO we can assist.

SEO Durban

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SEO is an essential part of ranking in the top of the search engines. Especially for local keywords in both Google Map Packs and Organic Search results. If you are a company which operates in Durban, then your potential customers are likely to search for a keyword like “SEO Durban” if they cover different parts of Durban they may type in “SEO Durban” or similar. SEO in Durban will involve making specific changes to your website, geo-tagging, building local citations and brand mentions, and utilising social media pages that are relevant to Durban to promote your business. Your site must have relevant pages and content which is carefully curated to appeal to the Durban area. You should also fully utilise Google map listings  and Google business listing management.

Your website should appear in front of the people who are searching for your product or services, from and around the areas that you operate in. It would make no sense for your website to appear in Pretoria searches if your primary target market is in and around your opperating area of Durban.

There are many companies in Durban who make promises as to what they can actually achieve for website owners. They promise you the world and deliver mediocre results. While we can’t promise you the number 1 spot on google, we can promise that we will do our absolute best to get you there. Most of the companies we provide our services to are ranking well on the 1st page of google for 1000’s of phrases. Our SEO Durban Services offer high quality services which are built for long term sustainablity, ranking you better for longer.

To rank your site in the Top 3 google maps listings that often appear in local search results, we first need to register for a Google My Business listing. The verification will be sent to your business address. Once the listing has been activated, it can be optimised and organised correctly by us so that you are ready for the next stage of your Google Maps Campaign.

Your maps listings need to be maintained, kept up to date and loaded full of useful content, photos and reviews. These things will help by pushing you up in the map listings results so that more local customers can find you. As a professional SEO company it’s important we manage all aspects of the map listing optimisation, including citation to ensure the search engines know that your location and company information is correct and trustworthy.

An SEO Durban company  ( Like Silver Linings Technologies ) can improve your site to ensure that your website has presence is in the Durban area. This will prevent you from wasting your time and money on attracting and speaking to customers from places you don’t even cover!  The process is hugely time consuming which is why most businesses allow an SEO profressional to do it for them.

If you are a multi-location or nationwide company, then we can build pages on your site that target the Durban area specifically, along with other regions of the province you may want to cover. The areas inside of Durban include: Durban, Durban North, Durban Central, Durban South, Hillcrest, Pinetoen, Amanzimtoti,Queensburgh, Umhlanga and many more.

Fancy having a go yourself,  this is some of the things you might want to start with :

Local SEO can be improved by implementing the following SEO tactics to your strategy:

Local Citations – Local citations are online mentions of your company name, address, contact numbers and often include map listings. This information is often posted on other websites. The most obvious example would be your google maps listing. If you don;t already have one this should be the first place you start if you want to get found by customers in your local area.

Local Social Media – Often there are social media pages that exist in your local area, it’s a good idea to interact on a professional level where possible and to engage with local people using your company name where possible. If there are no local pages then your company can manage its own groups and also have full control over who advertises there!

Local Meta Tags, Page Titles and ALT Tags – Adding your business location in your page titles, descriptions and meta tags can increase your chances of being found online. If your services reach farther afield, you should create pages that have that place name in everything. Example: SEO Agency Durban – could be changed to – SEO Services Durban if you wanted to get search engine placement for individual areas that potential customers may be searching in.

SEO services are still best way for long term presence in search results and a great way to get noticed online in Durban. We work on strategies which have  area specific content to your site as well as link building, geo-tagging  in the area that you could take advantage of. 

Contact us today, let us help your businesses get noticed in Durban! 

It’s a question business owner’s often ask “Why is SEO So Important for My Business?”

To be fair, it’s a reasonable question, especially for people who work outside of the industry.

Too often, owners get hung up on the “How” of SEO, when in fact, the “Why” is as important.

SEO, or to give it its full name Search Engine Optimisation is a bit of a mystery. You can’t physically see it, no anyone outside of search engine providers (Google) knows what really makes it tick , and for the most part its difficult to accurately measure.

If you think about it. Search engine optimisation simply means optimising your website both internally and externally so that it ranks high in the search results.

And its that we want to talk about in this post. The benefits of SEO to businesses. In effect, the “Why” of SEO.

What is the Main Benefit of SEO to My Business?

To answer this question its best to reverse engineer it and start with the outcome.

When you’re in business, your desired outcome should be profit. We know there are other outcomes, but it would be unusual for a business to not see profit as its main purpose for being.

To make a profit you need sales, to make sales you need customers and to attract customers you need to be visible.

Any business can be indexed in Google, but not every business can be found on Google for their desired and relevant search terms.

To be visible on Google you need to be on page one. Business’s on page one get more click-through’s and win more customers, it’s as simple as that.

Don’t believe us? Ask yourself how many times you scroll through to page two on Google?

The truth is, for most businesses, the only way they know how to be visible on Google is to pay. You’ve no doubt seen the “Sponsored” results at the top of each page.

Make no mistake, if you take this route without knowing how to do it properly, it’s expensive. Every time someone clicks on your link, you pay. This is method is called PPC or Pay Per Click but there is another way.

You guessed it. SEO is an alternative way of your business reaching the holy grail, the front page of Google.

Without getting into technicalities and algorithms. Effective SEO means your website sends the right signals to Google. Signals that say you are the perfect business to put in front of their customers.

So, the main reason why SEO is important is it can help you attract more customers, win more sales and make more profit.

What Other Ways Can SEO Help My Business?

While SEO can help you reach page one and make more revenue, its importance doesn’t stop there.

Good SEO is the foundation of longevity.

In an ever-changing landscape, a business that gets the basics right has more chance of long-term success. Using SEO to help your business become a permanent fixture on page one of Google should be paramount to all business owners.

If your business is visible, it stands a much better chance of attracting new customers.

Another often overlooked benefit of SEO is it can give your business an air of authority and brand awareness.

Intentionally or not, potential customers think businesses that top search results are authoritative. Often, this means they also assume that the business on top is the best.

People trust Google. If Google feels you are worthy of putting in front of their customers, people will trust your brand.

It’s difficult to quantify the value of trust in business. But, it’s reasonable to assume that trust plays a role in our buying decisions.

You’re more likely to buy from a business you trust than the one you’ve never heard of so raising brand awareness can only be a good thing.

Over time, your name will become familiar. Familiarity breeds trust and authority. A familiar business is one you’ll feel comfortable spending money with.

Why SEO Should Be Important to Your Business

We’re sure you’ll agree, if you want to do business on the internet, SEO is important.

Whether you’re selling directly via eCommerce, collecting leads, selling a service or raising awareness of your brand, SEO is an important tool in your armour.

And the good news is, you don’t need to understand how SEO works, that’s our job.

All you need to do is appreciate why SEO is important to your business. Once you do that, you’ll already be so far ahead of the competition.

SEO Durban

Increase traffic with Local SEO Durban

promote you products and services to local customers

For Durban businesses looking for more locally targeted visitors, we offer the very best in local SEO marketing, our local SEO packages offer so much more than Google Map Pack improvements, but a healthy mixture of Google business optimisation, citation building and repair and organic SEO for local specific searches.

Content Marketing

search engines rely on signals such as local content

Creating good quality, relevant content for your site is important for search engines. Understanding what potential customers search intent is and how to harness that for your site content and outreach is where we come in. We believe content is big apart of SEO process.

Let us set up your business with the right content marketing to harness sales, traffic and backlinks from natural sources.

Search engines love new content just as much as us users, we use that on site and on external sources to raise brand authority, gain more exposure and give your business a long term online goal.

Content Marketing

SEO Durban

Technical SEO, Content Audits and Optimisation. Get in touch today to find out how we can help your business grow.


Via Google Analytics, we can track users and increase conversion rates performance. We take time to tweak, improve and refine your websites UX, specifically designed to encourage your existing visitors to checkout or get in touch with you.


What’s the point if you are not on the first page of a searchers results?  A massive 75% of users click on first page search results.

We help small businesses get first page organic results for local and national search terms.


We establish relevant, inbound links to your website that will help your website achieve higher ranking with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site, we use high quality and authority building link building techniques. Safe, sustainable and long term SEO is what we excel at.


We establish relevant, inbound links to your website that will help your website achieve higher ranking with the major search engines and drive targeted traffic to your site, we use high quality and authority building link building techniques. Safe, sustainable and long term SEO is what we excel at.


Adding your business to Google , Bing, Yahoo and other major Map providers is often somewhere which is under optimised, we will optimise all of  your listings giving everyone as much info as possible to find your business or service.


We perform a detailed analysis of all the weak and strong points of your website from both an on-page and technical SEO.  This includes such practices as Internal link building, Page speed performances, content optimisation, robots.txt and htaccess optimisation,  security audits and more…


We perform a detailed analysis of all the weak and strong points of your website from both an on-page and technical SEO.  This includes such practices as Internal link building, Page speed performances, content optimisation, robots.txt and htaccess optimisation,  security audits and more…


Its very important if you are planning a new website that you pick a developer (we do websites too) that develops for mobile, performance, SEO and Conversions.

Choosing a cheap option can potentially put you on the back foot right from the very start..


SEO consulting is apart of what we do, our goal is to make your business successful locally.  So we may make recommendations which you can choose to act upon or leave. As well as SEO we have years of experience in web design and development. 

SEO Durban Specialists Helping your business

We make your website work for you, correcting technical SEO issues, increasing search visibility, increasing overall brand authority.



Utilising the best research tools available, we spend time building the an optimal strategy to provide you with the best value for your investment making the required modifications and technical adjustments to support your business. We closely follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Bing Webmaster Guidelines.​
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There are many factors to the perfect SEO campaign, refining a page content, technical structure, internal linking, schema data. We make sure its friendly enough both technically and good for user experience which is vital to making sure external factors can be harnessed in the best way.
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SEO requires consistent dedication, testing, and analysis. We provide the highest of quality, up to date methods and have over 15 years of experience in competitive niches. Give us a try.​
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SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is a method used by website owners to boost their websites search engine ranking in the hope of getting themselves to the top spot on sites such as google, yahoo and bing when a potential customer searches for their keywords.

SEO involves making specific changes to your website and its content. It can involve off-site link building, blog posts, reputation management and anything else possible to make sure the site ranks for it’s most relevant keywords and phrases. With SEO, you can attract visitors from your targeted areas. Good SEO ensures you attract the right visitors to your site who are 100% interested in what you have to offer.

As soon as the right people start finding and clicking on your site through search engine result pages, you should begin to see more sales/conversions on your website. For quality SEO, your website should be listed in the organic listings of search result pages, organic positioning and traffic is free, and you don’t have to pay for it, unlike PPC.

If you have ever wondered if SEO works the answer is: if done correctly, it does indeed work! Different things that can impact your SEO results. Google will never expose their exact algorithms that are used to determine how they rank sites on its search engine, but we have a good idea. Here are some of the factors they consider and how to implement them:

Content Marketing – Adding quality and relatable content to your website in the form of new pages, blog posts,  videos, infographics and other visual content to your site can increase its online exposure significantly. Content Marketing should 100% be part of your SEO strategy.

On-Page SEO – On page SEO reflects the SEO actions that can be implemented on your actual website. These aspects go far deeper than content marketing and often include adding and editing code. A few aspects of on page seo that you can get stuck in to, to improve your SEO include changing or improving meta descriptions, page titles, image tags, sub headings, internal links, geo-tagging and more.

Off-Page SEO – as well as doing your on-site SEO, you must also put some effort into your off-page SEO. Off-page SEO also combines content marketing. It can’t always be controlled as individuals and influencers around the world can also share things about your website on social media platforms and their own websites or videos. Still, you could set up and manage some social media pages on sites like Facebook and Instagram. You could also consider investing in some online press releases or guest blogging on other peoples websites.

Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO Techniques – Two different approaches can be taken to reach your search engine goals however black hat is the least preferred option as it only provides short term solutions that rarely last and are often less effective. White hat SEO is the preferred option as although more effort has to be put in, the outcomes far outweigh those of black hat SEO strategies and are more effective long term. White hat includes building quality content and a great online reputation as professionals in your field, black hat SEO often relates to buying thousands of cheap links which soon disappear and can get your website marked as spam!

SEO is essential for all website owners. If a business wants to get noticed online, get customers through their website from people locally or far and wide, then one of the most significant ways to achieve this is to invest in SEO services.

Ranking on the first page of major search engines like google and high up in the list can instil trust in the customer that they are making the right decision choosing your company. SEO companies also work on the appearance of your site, making it easier to convert site traffic from plain old visitors to paying customers.

SEO services are crucial because not all SEO practices are easily carried out, especially by individuals who have no experience. SEO strategies can be complicated, and the route to the top is not always as clear cut as one might expect.

You’ll need a lot of content, link building, and geographically targeted marketing services to help with your SEO. For these reasons, it’s always best to get SEO services from a professional company with tons of experience like Silver Linings Technologies.

Let's work together and generate more leads for your business!!


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