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Targeting potential customers searching within your local area.

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Make sure your website is built correctly, you can have a website built cheaply, but at Silver Linings Technologies we build websites that actually work to improve your business.

Local SEO- Our Proven Strategy!!

Local SEO

Our Client Status Waterproofing is located in Midrand Johannesburg, for his Google My Business Listing he has 3 major keywords that has high traffic volumes ( We did a keyword analysis to see which keyword provide the most traffic). His Google my business ranks no.1 for the Search Terms “Waterproofing Midrand“ and "Roof Waterproofing Midrand".
Google my business Listings are location-based so you want to have an optimised GMB listing especially if somebody is actually in your area and looking for services or products you offer.

Google My Business Listings display higher up the page than organic listings. Having an optimised GMB listing is imperative if you want to target local clients.

Google is also continuously adding new features to GMB. We have some clients who get more business from their GMB listings than their websites.

Technical SEO - Our Proven Results

Technical SEO ( Organic Results )

We provide organic solutions all with the aim of making your website as visible as possible. SEO does not happen overnight, it is a process that can take time and with hard work and perseverance we strive to get you seen to the online world.

The proof is in the pudding, type into Google “Waterproofing Pretoria” you will see Status Waterproofing is now ranking number 4 on Page 1 for the whole of Pretoria and South Africa, also type in “Roof Waterproofing Pretoria” Status Waterproofing is also ranked on Page 1 for the whole of South Africa. We have moved their site from being non existant on Google to position 4 and with more time will slowly move it to position 1.

They currently receiveing more calls which means more from their website. Imagine all the possibilities your business could achieve with having new leads coming in daily?
When companies tell you they can help with SEO, check how they are ranking and who they have actually ranked and verify these stats before just going for the cheapest option, because you are more likely to spend even more later down the line trying to sort out the mess the cheap SEO company initially created.
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